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What to with a Coyote after a kill?

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I want to get into hunting and wouldn't mind doing some coyote hunting. I just do want to kill something and not do anything with the body.

If anyone knows of some good stuff to do with them please let me know.

Thank you.

Coyote killing is just good management.  What do you do with a rat when you kill it?

Does your state have bounty on them? If you want to do something with it, you can skin and tan it out. You might find out if you are able to sell it to a furrier.


one might ask what is the pelt good for? is it softer than something warmer or what?

Now rats..... I dont know. If I was to spend a day just looking for rats then I might look for something to do with them.

The Professor:
First, learn how to skin and prep the hide.

Then, sell said hide for $$.

Don't leave the carcass.  Make something of it.

The Professor


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