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2014-15 Deer Season Thread

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Arrgh!  Frustrated deer hunter here.

In my part of AL, deer gun season has been open since 11/22.  Despite being out on the land every weekend, taking Fridays off to hunt, even hunting on Sunday morning, I have had only 1 opportunity to shoot at a deer, and that one was too young to take, so I held fire.

The good thing is, I'm not the only one in my club who hasn't gotten a deer yet.   The place is >1600 acres of mixed hardwood/pine forest, with lots of food plots, and there's got to be deer here; there are tracks everywhere.

I have been scouting on the land every weekend.  I've been getting there between 4am and 6am every day I've been out.  The one opportunity I've had to shoot a deer was a 6:30am, about 30 minutes after local sunrise.  The deer don't seem to be moving in the very early morning, or maybe I'm just not seeing them.

It seems like the patterns are changing faster than I can keep up. 

I don't have a deer camera, and no prospect of getting one until early January.  Our season ends at the end of January.  Rut is usually early in January.

Any advice?

Have you tried staying in the stand(or wherever your best spots are) right through noon? A lot of deer are taken a that time.  Or so I hear, I've never done it but some real pro hunter friends have. I also have more luck at dusk personally.

Got this little doe the last weekend of muzzle loader season.

Haven't seen anything since.  But I did meet the neighbor that hunts the property behind me.  His son shot a buck and they lost it, no blood trail.

I generally get in the stand 30 min before sunrise, when it's legal to start hunting. Stay for 3-4 hours then walk around and get something to eat.  back in the stand by 10-10:30 and say until 1-1:30, quick break then back in until sunset.

Got the above doe at 3:30. 

Now for the sad part of the story.  Shot the doe, she ran, fell, got up ran, fell and that was it.  Waited a  minute or so, then started to get down.  Just then 2 8-pt bucks come running by my stand, turn around and come back and loitered around my stand.  So there I am with an unloaded muzzle loader and 2 bucks standing under me.  I quickly, quietly reloaded.  Just as I got loaded and put the rifle to my shoulder someone near me started an ATV and spooked the deer.  Oh well, still have a few more weeks of rifle season still hoping to get something else for the freezer.

Sounds like you are putting in the time! Congrats on the camp meat and good luck looking for the wall hanger.

I'm on to duck season now that my wife and I each got a small doe.

I filled the freezer with a Small Button buck, I thought it was a 2Year old doe, and a nice sized Doe (this was really a doe and likely a 4 Year old.  I did learn that it is actually all in shot placement.  The Buck shot with a hand loaded 12Ga slug (blueforce sabot slug) went 300 Yards, downhill.  The doe was shot with a 45ACP (XTP 230GR) went 60 Yards.  Both were shot at less than 40 Yards.


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