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Best way to get to my stand


My stand is located in a field with food plots.  Past experience says the majority of hunting days my wind will be from the south or west., Therefore I have placed my stand on the east edge of my field so the wind will be rarely at my back.  Unfortunately I cannot access the stand from the east.  My access will be from the west or south.  So do I walk across the middle of the field (fastest approach) or do I hug the edges on the west and south (taking more time).  Is stealth  or quickness at a premium? 

The best answer depends...
On the time, the wind, the season (i.e., in rut?), etc.

In saying that, you could always load up with doe scent (especially if during rut) and meander across the field, and like as not, the buck(s) will soon be tracking you. :)

While typically the first rut begins around the 2nd week of November, some are getting into rut early.  This past week-end when DH and I wend to check on the small pond in the woods, there was the very strong odor of "buck" in the air.   Then earlier this week DH and youngest son were going through the upper field and spooked a doe, then a few minutes later they saw a buck with his nose to the ground, trailing her.  He had tunnel vision and it took him a few moments to realize the guys were even there.   But it was 85°F and too hot to hunt, so DH had left his bow at the house.  He said it would have been an easy shot, though.       

I am far from a hunting master but I think it would depend on the time of day and what the pattern of the deer traffic is. For example if they're feeding in early morning and evening in the field and that's when you are moving into position then you will want to stay on the perimeter. The last thing you want is to mark the field "humans!" the field in the mind of the deer. However if you're going to the stand in the middle of the day and they're not usually feeding I would go direct to the stand for the quickest approach. This assumes, for example, that you believe the deer are bedding around the perimeter of the field when they are not in the field. If they are bedding away from the field altogether then I would just avoid lingering along their runs too much and not worry about much else.

Where I hunt, we have stands on a crest between two ravines that eventually run together that deer come through like a little deer highway. We cross them a few times per day during the season and deer still roll through like usual. We just know when to go in/out -- well before first light or midday when they're not generally moving.


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