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Help with gear for quail hunting

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Quail hunting has always been one of my favorite shooting sports.  Good luck.

Thanks. I've been wanting to hunt for a couple years now but never new anyone who could take me and show me the basics. I'm really looking forward to this. Just getting out with some friends and shooting will be great, I'm hoping to bring some meat home which will be even better.


--- Quote from: Cedar on August 03, 2014, 09:33:42 PM ---Remember, after dark, high deserts can get cold.


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I wish I was in the High Desert, the average low temperature in July was 83 here in Vegas.

Alan Georges:
One more thing: a hunting license.

Normally it wouldn't be a big deal, just pay $20 or so for a chit down at the local gear shop, but in a lot of states (all?) now you need to show proof of a hunter safety course.  Which also isn't that big a deal either if you can find a course at a time and place you can take it, in time before the first hunt.  Now sometimes finding a course at a time and place where you can make it, all in time before bird season begins, now that can be a hassle.  The good news is that you probably have plenty of time to get through the course (it's still early August after all), they're free-to-cheap, and most state's fish & wildlife web sites have listings or at least contact info for where to sign up.

Yes, it's one more hoop to jump through, but in the bureaucratic pain-o-meter it falls somewhere between paying a parking ticket and getting your Tech ham license.  It really isn't bad at all.

Don't put this one off, it'll sneak up on you and cause you to miss opening day.

Don't know how much experience you have shooting little fast moving targets with a shotgun, but a trip or two to the skeet/trap range might be in order.  Check with your friend about what chokes he uses and try to match it with your shotgun.  It sucks to have a open choke shotgun when the quail are jumping way out there. 

When you get some take the breast meat off, put some green chili between 2 pieces of meat and wrap with bacon.  Grill until yummy.  Slap your momma good.

Good luck


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