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Gutless Field Dressing

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--- Quote from: trekker111 on September 21, 2014, 11:46:51 AM ---The loins on the underside of the spine, near the pelvis, is some of the best meat on a deer/elk/pig. I see no easy way to get it with a gutles method.
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To be clear, I'm not advocating the guttless method, but did think it was pretty cool, not having seen it done before.  As I remember, the video showed him removing the loins.

I heard back from the ODFW and this is what they said. . . .

--- Quote ---Waste is defined on page 82 of the Big Game Regulations.

“Waste” means to allow any edible
portion of any game mammal (except
cougar) or game bird to be rendered
unfit for human consumption, or, to fail
to retrieve edible portions except internal
organs of such game mammals or game
birds from the field. Entrails, including the
heart and liver, are not considered edible.

While the “waste” regulations for game mammals have not been changed recently, it is true that a hunter could be cited for waste of a game animal if they left the meat on the rib cage.
--- End quote ---

The rules in Ohio used to be that the only thing you were allowed to remove before the final tag was attached to the harvest was the entrails (field dress).  The final tag was applied at a check in station.  They had to see the whole head and all of the carcass.  With the new call in/web check in I am not sure if those rules changed.  I still practice that method.  However we are dealing with Whitetail that top out (a monster) at 200Lbs dressed and never too far from a road it may not be where you parked but never more than a mile from a road at least anywhere I have hunted in Ohio.

  GotCox talked about the poles. A friend of mine showed me another trick. When I got my last dear on his farm, we used one of the cheap plastic sleds that look like a tobagon. Even with no snow it worked.

I can see the advantages.  That said, it looks to me like you would be leaving a lot of meat.  The neck roast comes to mind, as well as a decent amount of grind meat.  I guess for me it would depend on a number of things; how cold is it, how big is the animal, how far am I from the vehicle/house, etc.  Still a good method to keep in mind for the right situation.


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