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Bait for bobcats?

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I had a bobcat jump the electric fence into my chicken run tonight. See the full story at

My thought for deterring the cat on his next visit is to hang some bait on the fence using tinfoil strips. Hopefully he'll pause for a sniff and lick and get a little surprise that'll convince him to shop elsewhere.

So what's a good bait for bobcats? Besides chicken, of course.

Well, chicken is most any predator's favorite.  But Bobcat will go for rabbit, or most any small animal.  But keep in mind, given the choice of "bait" and your chickens, he/she will probably choose your chickens. 

Have you considered grocery store raw chicken in a trap?  Just having a shock wire will not be a deterrent, only a challenge for a cat (bobcat or coon.)


TG's right.

Heard from neighbor this morning who I had been keeping her horses in my pasture until some friends of hers got them a day ago while we were out. She said that the horses had scratches on them and thinks it is a big "cat".
Do bobcats normally go after horses?
Will see if I can get a game camera.

We also found a slaughtered doe in our driveway earlier this year. I had thought at the time that it was the neighbor's dog that has been known to go after does but now not so sure...


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