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Anybody for bluegill around here?

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Ordered mine from , not sure if they're still around or not.. Here's a couple of links...

I think the second link is the place I purchased mine from..


heck yeah. talk about a fun day on the water. they can get huge around here and fight like crazy.
wigglers and an ultralight, can't beat it.

I take my kids all the time to get these little guys.  They love it.

I've often said pound for pound, if a bluegill were the size of a bass they'd be harder and meaner fighters then any other fish out there..

I still go out with my ultra light gear and get in'em, but something about cane polin' or hand linin' just trips my trigger as of

I rarely go Bass fishing anymore. Personally, I prefer to catch things I want to eat, and Bass just doesn't taste that good to me.

We have a killer Bluegil spot near us, and the kids LOVE it! I need to find a good Crappie spot now, so I can get them hooked on a little bigger fish.


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