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Anybody for bluegill around here?

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Yup, me too. Love blue gill and crappie. Haven't fished for years, and this thread has made me want to!

 about 80% of my fishing is for pan fish, the rest is split for trout and walleye

I love pan fishing! Bluegill, Crappie, Perch, bring em on!!! Fantastic fun for a quick afternoon, riot to let the kids fish, and tasty on the grill.

I love Bass fishing and go nuts for a good Musky, but they take dedication to catch. With panfish, slap a worm on and reel in.

I've been having a blast getting the hang of my handline reel with fishing for bluegills..

Caught this guy and his buddy on my last couple of casts.. Sorry about the pic quality but it was my cell .. You may not be able to tell from the pics but that guy was as big and my handreel  !! That's pretty good in my book.. Shame I wasn't able to hang around longer, but things weren't going well with my dressing on my bum :-\


The Fishin Magician:
Hey Tux!

Where'd you get that hand reel? Brand name? Just curious.


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