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Every Day Carry (EDC) Gear

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Understood.  Just never know and how much can u take?  I bet those people wished they'd had guns.  Specially the Americans in the Jewish center. Hopefully they'll look at their gun laws.  I doubt it though. I think we all need to be armed now no matter where we are.

Zombie Axe:
Sweet Bag JW! Nice kit! Those FUBARS are nice tools   :)

Ordered a Maxpedition Remora a while back. Gets me to work and back and has enough room for all my EDC goodies.

Maxpedition Versipack for the win :)

Picture of my EDC/GHB can be seen in the BOB thread here:

I use a Maxpedition Jumbo Versipack, and it has held up for a year + now. I recommend them.


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