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The Jeffrey Epstein Tail

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Maybe........that wasn't his body they hauled out of there

Mr. Bill:
If you want a collection of conspiracy theories beyond the ones I invented, check this thread on Metabunk Forum.

--- Quote ---...There were already a range of conspiracy theories swirling around Epstein, ranging from the older style theories about satanic child sacrifice, up to the more modern QAnon theories of a valiant attempt by Trump, et al., to uncover a deep state adrenochrome harvesting operation.

Bot Sentinel reports #ClintonBodyCount and #EpsteinSuicide as trending topics pushed by troll bots. ...

Then there's QAnon supporters, who normally laud Trump, who think Trump did it for personal reasons. ...
--- End quote ---


Given this is a survival board;

I would just like to state for the record that I do not have any information that could ever lead to the arrest or conviction of any of the Clintons.

There, I feel much more safe now.

David in MN:
Actually being dead could be a disservice to his friends. Without him there is no legal party to contend evidence. Now that evidence includes his entire estate.

I realize the conspiracy people (me included) are going a little nuts but step back and look at the story: This guy built a private sex island and the only thing to leak so far is that Trump flew with hhim once and Clinton a few times? The only fallout thus far has been the former DA who went a little light on him?

I smell a rat. Show the pictures.


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