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supplies to keep in your daily driver/bov

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--- Quote from: khristopher23 on April 11, 2009, 08:06:29 AM ---Great topic man +1, I know it's talked about some other places on here, but you're kinda taking it back to the basic stuff that even a non prepper should carry, or good fist steps. Some of these lists on the board are very elaborate, and to people who don't really have their BOVs ready yet, it might kinda be hard to try to figure out where to start. I think your list is a pretty good starting point.The items I'm bringing up are what I feel is the next step. Not really auto related, but bringing it more into the BOV status. These items are primarily inexpensive (most around the $25 range), and if someone starts with your list, these items are what I think of as step 2. Listed in order of importance IMO.

A flashlight

At least a gallon of water, just leave room in the container for expansion if it freezes.

A basic first aid kit. If nothing else, at least a $10 Wal Mart one, but a well thought out one is better.

Army wool blanket

A small bag with one change of clothes (jeans, t shirt, socks, and underwear, maybe also a long sleeve shirt). This don't have to be new stuff. Depending on your needs, a pair of jeans of a t shirt with a small  hole or stain you may not otherwise want to wear. Other than the bug out reasons, there are plenty of reasons to keep spare clothes. You may get soaking wet, spill something on yourself, or if your single, and there is no telling where you might wake up, having a change of clothes ( and a ziplock bag with travel size toiletries) could come in handy.

A rifle and/or a handgun. If you usually carry a centerfire hand gun on you, maybe a .22 rifle in the BOV, unless you're really worried about an active shooter scenario, or zombie invasion, then you might want to step the rifle up a little. If you don't carry a pistol on you, (or even if you do and want a spare) maybe one in the glove box. This is assuming that this is legal in the area you live AND regularly travel in.


--- End quote ---

brother these are in my BOB  ;)

Great thread! I am going to add some more stuff to my vehicle now :)

High Lift jack, tow strap, shovel, axe, rope and ratchet straps

first aid kit separate from my BOB

HAM/CB radio

I drive in France a fair bit and its compulsory there to have a high-vis vest in your car and if you breakdown, you must wear it.  It makes sense so I leave it in the car all the time now.

My Daily driver is a Toyota Tacoma. (Well it was until two weeks ago,my Daughter her got her license and I haven't seen it 

I am surprised how much gear you can store in the cargo space below the jump seats.

All this stuff fits in the two cargo holds.

I keep a quart of oil stashed under the hood.

Ham radio.


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