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supplies to keep in your daily driver/bov

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Something else that one needs to include is spare vehicle fuses.

An extra set of wiper blades is a worthy addition and they don't cost too much.

The other day during an afternoon deluge my driver's side wiper blade broke.  This meant I couldn't see where I was going.
Lesson learned...  keep a spare set in the box along with the fluids.

My daily driver, a 97 jeep grand cherokee, stays PACKED full of gear. Because I live in a cold snowy place, it is mainly prepped for getting stuck in the winter. I also have it set up so I can live out of it if I have to. Here's a list of what I have,but it probably won't cover everything.
Full array of automotive fluids- oil, transmission, radiator, brake,  power steering, and windshield wash.
Tools: ratchet and socket set,  4 way lug nut wrench, a bottle jack, tire repair kit, 12 V air compressor
Standard fully stocked 72+ hour bugout bag
Small shovel
Several gallons of water
A sleeping bag that lives in the back seat
Piles of empty junk food wrappers
A tent
Come-along and a tow strap
12 V spotlight
Ratchet straps
Haynes vehicle repair manual
Electronics repair box (pliers, wire strippers, spare fuses, tester, terminals and connections, etc)

My girlfriend and I basically lived in it over the last winter (small town, nowhere to go if you don't party or do drugs except for maybe the library) and it was quite comfortable with all that stuff.

A wadded up sleeping bag or pile of blankets makes a back seat FAR more comfortable to lay in.

If you keep food in your vehicle, check for mice every once in a while!  I found a mouse nest under my seat during the winter, but I didn't find any other sign. I think the cold killed them off before they could do much.   


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