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Links to "Best of" Threads on This Child Board: What's the Deal?


Heavy G:
This is where we will put a link to the "best of" threads.  We will put a link to the actual thread along with a little description here, but the thread here on this child board that merely has the link to the actual "best of" thread will be locked.  This just means that you can click on the link to the actual "best of" thread here, but this child board is not the place to post on the "best of" thread.  To post on the actual "best of" thread, you should go to that thread.  You'll see what we mean.

If a really good thread is not listed here as a "best of," feel free to PM me with the name of the thread and a link to it. 

Our criteria for a "best of" are first that there is good info in it and second that there are quite a few posts on it.

You will notice that I don't categorize the "best of" threads into Emergency Preparations, Food Preps, Guns, etc., like on the regular boards.  That's because we want you to cruise around and see all the topics we have out there.



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