Author Topic: Firman Dual Fuel Generator, $600 at costco, is this a good call?  (Read 1183 times)

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Link at the bottom if anyone wants to check it out. I currently have a cheap 100 dollar generator from harbor freight but saw this one on sale today in the store and it being able to run on gas or propane (things I store anyways) seems like a good idea.

However I'm not a generator expert, is this a situation of "doing 2 things poorly instead of 1 thing really well" since it can do gas AND propane? And 7500 watts seems like more than my entire house running at once, on most tools I try to get as heavy duty as I can in case I ever need it, but will this just be an expensive fuel hog? I can't find any info on how much gas/LP it uses per hour so I'd also want to figure out how much I need to store. Thanks for anyone with some input!!