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Taking down a big tree.....When to call a pro....

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I have an Elm tree on my place that is probably 3-4' in diameter and 50-60 feet tall. It is a big, old, very dead tree. It sits on one corner of my garage. The tree has been dead probably two years now and I keep looking at it and thinking I need to get it cut down.

I have been debating trying to do it more. Due to it's location the only way to bring it down safely will be in pieces- whoever cuts it is going to have to go up in the tree or a bucket and chunk it out. I decided that whatever the reasonable cost, it was worth it to hire it done. With winter coming and the ice and high winds it brings....I can't have that tree in my garage some morning.

So, I have spent part of my morning calling tree removers. We'll see how it goes. As much as I like to do things myself- and I have cut alot of trees.....this time I'll pay the money and let someone else do the job.

Call a sawmill or local woodworking shop.  Some times they'll pay YOU for the tree.
Happens all the time.

I'm making it into firewood. I'm just having them pull it down to a manageable level, no brush haul off etc....First quote I got today was $500. Having three more done, will be interesting to see the spread.

Oh, nevermind.....That's gonna make a cord or 12, ain't it~! ;) Even at that price, that's only about 3-4cords money wise up here.  Not a bad deal, especially if they're insured.

Definitely get it done.  I had a big one come down when we had the last big wind storm.  Ended up with minor roof damage & a whole lot of firewood I didn't need.


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