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Does anyone practice Guerrilla Gardening, that is growing things on public land? I live on a small suburban plot, but I've often thought of growing things on public land like parks and quasi-public lands like cemeteries.

I"m tempted to make some seed balls and 'seed' them on the meridians on the roads I travel to/from work... Brighten up the view a little.
Now I don't know how I'd feel eating food that was grown in/on a cemetery...


What kind of things are we talking about planting...just herbs that are easy to grow, or are you thinking something more substantial?

I have done it in the past. Around here we have a wild fruit tree called a PawPaw. PawPaw's grow in clumps from seed and off of root suckers.  However, to produce fruit they have to be pollinated from unrelated trees.  Problem is only a few insects are interested in the flower. Whenever I come across a patch of fruiting PawPaws I eat the fruit and save the seeds. I then take the seeds to a different patch and replant them. I have no Idea if any of my seeds have took off but I figured its worth a shot.  I have also started some asparagus on some state grounds that I like to mushroom hunt.  That way in the spring, I can collect Asparagus  even if I don't find the Morels I'm after!


Yes, I was thinking of onions, herbs, or anything that could grow with minimal care.. I also collect nuts from Oaks and Chestnuts and just toss them in wooded areas when I take walks.


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