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I've been approached by a major regional energy producer. The company wants to develop a wind farm in my area. My property is a potential wind turbine site. I have an 80 acres, currently leased. I have hopes to convert to silvopasture in the coming years. Does anyone have experience with wind farms and dealings with large energy producers? I'm looking for some insight.

Morning Sunshine:
I have heard they are loud.  that is all I have got.

oh, and my kids - led by the 15-yo - call them "Fidget Spinner farms"  :o

Well, it's been awhile since you ask and I see no responses.
I came here also to ask advice on this subject. My neighbors sold out and I will be living with turbines all around my property.
I have to decide if I want to profit in a small way or hold onto my 'air rights'. I don't envision building anything more than 3 stories tall but I have no idea what other restrictions I'd be held to.
Hoping you found the answers you sought somewhere!

Thank you for your reply. Long story short, our township passed regulations restricting wind turbine placement. The turbines were required to be a certain distance from homes, rivers streams and forests. Basically, we made it impossible for the company to comply and make any money. My area seems to be in the clear.


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