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ALERT: Active shooter & multiple homicide incidents, United States

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Mr. Bill:
Please use this topic for brief announcements of active shooter and multiple homicide incidents, including terrorist attacks, that are currently in progress in the United States.

Urgent announcements only -- please discuss the details in a separate topic.

was another shooting incident in a Florida bar last Monday? I heard something like this in the radio.

Sounds like a club that was having an under 21 event.  When I was a teenager, every under 21 establishment in the city was a mess of immature drama.  Shootings were fairly rare though (I can think of at least once during the years I was in high school).

So the party started at 8:30.
What were 12 year old's doing at this party?

Austin TX active shooter in the entertainment district in early morning hours of July 31, 2016. 1 dead 4 or 5 wounded shooter still loose. Police say shooting has ended but stay out of the entertainment district as roadways are part of the crime scene.


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