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Costco tree score

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I went to Costco for tortillas and tortilla chips and ended up loading trees into my car.  They had a huge selection of bare-root fruit trees for $10.79 each, great bargain in my book.  The trees are about 5-6' tall and come in with roots loosely bagged with a bit of soil.  They are all grafted onto semi-dwarf and seem well suited for my region.  I ended up with a pear and cherry tree, too bad they didn't have the apples I wanted.

They also have the combination trees with 3-4 different pears or apples if that is what you were looking for.  I ended up selecting species that work well in my area and are self-fertile.

One thing about Costco, if they have what you want buy it as it will likely be gone next trip.

Score!  I'll have to check them out this weekend!

 Sounds like a deal to me. I bought several miniature peach trees from Walmart several years back, and they are very productive. They have already paid back the intiial investment.   

Check to see if they need any other trees to polinate each other.  It would be a shame to get those two trees in and not get any fruit because they werent self polinizing.

Check around at local flea markets too.  Occasionally you can find unbelievable deals there. 

Good find Stein.


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