Author Topic: Canvascamp Tip/Sibely Opinions Needed  (Read 3237 times)

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Canvascamp Tip/Sibely Opinions Needed
« on: August 21, 2015, 03:08:10 PM »
Are campcanvas tipi / lavvu and sibley bell tents worth the cost? 

I'm looking at the 500 size levels (medium size at 16'4" diameter and equivalent to a 14x15' room) which are priced $800-$1000 depending on the model.

Backstory, I've been working on my truck (r50 pathfinder) getting it ready and configured as an overlanding/BOV/family camping vehicle. And part of that obviously includes making camp and right now I have a couple USMC combat tents and another 2person backpacking tent that I can use, but I would like the ability to sleep myself,wife, 2xkids, and 2xGSPs dogs in the same tent (2 adults, 2 kids, and 2 45lb dogs) and have enough room to hangout together in bad weather. So I came up with this list of requirements and wants.

Weatherproof, must be able to handle high winds(40-50mph) and torrential downpours and light snow.
Be large enough to hangout in in bad weather.
Be high quality and high durability, I want this purchase to last.
Weight is not an issue
The relatively easy for me to put up alone.

Nice to have:
Canvas construction is the cost worth it?
Ability to use with a tent stove in winter.
Removable floor

I looked at nylon and polyester tents and ones up to the task range from $200-$500 and other non bell/tipi canvas tents in the $600 range. Which is not cheap to say the least. I have not spent much time in a canvas tent, only a shelter half and GP tent in a past life so are canvas tents really worth the extra cost to justify the extra durability and breathability?

Basically I'm thinking about purchasing the tipi 500 ulimate because it seems like it can do everything I want and more. I would really like to tour the county on a big road trip someday when I retire kinda like RVers do and I think this tipi tent could compete with small campers or rv's in terms of comfort and livability and I would require much less fuel cause I can heat with wood and drive my truck around. Also I really like how I can use a stove in the winter through the top vent and not have to make a hole in the tent for a stovepipe since most of my camping will not need a stove.

Three others factors are influencing my decision, one the tipis at canvas camp are on sale and its $100 off the normal price of $899 till 11sept15, and two I don't have any first hand experience with tipis or sibely tents or canvas tents and $800 seems insane for a tent, and three to afford it I need to sell off a couple of hand guns and a combat tent. And I will use this tent at least a couple of times this year.

Extra info, I live in southeast VA near the NC line alot of my camping will be on the beach or or in warm humid conditions. The website for this tipi is, and the blog tab has the discount codes for the tipis.

Any oppinions or experiences welcome. Thank!