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Welcome to the new Communications Forum.  This section is dedicated to the discussion of means of communication during an emergency scenario. For example, HAM Radios. CBs, Shortwave radios, scanners, etc.  It is also appropriate to discuss non-electronic forms of disaster communications as well.  

Juts a little on my background.  I have been a licensed amateur radio operator for over 20 years and have played with radios and scanners for even longer.  Professionally I do disaster communications including radio repeaters, radio programming, satellite voice and data systems, radio interoperability, computer networks, and cellular systems.  

I have a lot of experience in communications during disaster situations and I hope that I can use that knowledge to help our community.  I also hope to learn a lot from you all as well.

Lets make this one of the most successful boards on the site!


Any way to combine the Comms. forum under emergency preperations with this?

Several of the moderators agreed that there was enough interest to break it out into its own forum.  If that proves otherwise we will combine it back.  In the mean time lets try to get things going.

I think Bailey is asking if we could bring the Comms. thread over to this board.  Correct?

I'll let GroundPounder decide if he wants to do that.

Ah, well if that is the case I just did that. 


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