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Industry Reviews Board Rules & Uses


This board has been provided as a resource to buyers, purchasers and future customers of dealers and manufacturers of products and services that we might find handy, useful or just plain want.  

We are asking that reviews be concise, accurate and supported with facts when possible.  We ask that your reviews not be a "bash fest" or a "love fest", but an honest description of your dealings with a particular vendor and/or review of a product(s).  

We ask that everyone keep in mind that issues occurr from time to time with vendors and products.  Just because we didn't get our box of Teddy Graham Crackers in 13 hours after ordering from the West Coast and shipping to the East Coast does not equate to poor service.  If there are problems, how did the vendor or manufacturer handle the issue?  Was the resolution of any issues appropriate or problematic?  If you had a defective product, what was wrong with?  How did the vendor or manufacturer receive and process the claim against the product?  Conversely, if you had a wonderful experience with a vendor or just think that that new weed trimmer string is the bee's knees, let us know.  How quickly was the order processed?  How fast was shipping?  Why is this particular product so much better than others?  

Please review the topics already posted for company/industry names and add to that particular thread if you have something to say regarding that company.  If you do not find the name of a company that you wish to comment on, you will be the lucky one to start the thread for the company of concern.  Please use the company's name for the title of the thread only (if you find that you must create the thread).

Now, let's hear it!   ;D


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