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Registering with QSL.Com and Opsec

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What is the opinion of the TSP HAMs and registering with  Social norm that should be followed or an invitation to unwanted visitors and OPSEC violation.

I am at a cross roads.  I am about to take my Ham radio tests (both Tec and General).  They have been delayed by 3 months due to Covid.  I have been listening to my radio I bought just before the testing was canceled in March.  I am fascinated that I am hearing these people on the radio.  Listening to their Call signs and wanting to talk back.  Thinking I could look them up and know more about them, where they are and the like.  The software based logs that I am finding auto link to QSL for log completion and details.

Then my OPSEC kicks in.  These people are inviting people to know who they are and that they have EXPENSIVE hobbies/toys.  Some of the things I see show pictures and full bios.  OPSEC screams "NO".

The community  seams to promote the practice.  I mean the HAM practice of sending QSL post cards has gone on forever (like After WWI definitely after WWII).  I am not one for social norms for the sake of social norms, but the HAMs I have met  are truly some of the nicest and open people i have ever met.  they are outgoing and helpful.  The local club here just put out a call to help raise a tower and 12 or so people showed up to lift a tower mix concrete. 

I will acknowledge that does not let you completely into the website with out a registration that includes a call sign.

There are people in the club that I think might be on my wave length but I am not ready to openly have OPSEC conversations with them yet.  For some reason I know the TSP community even less but I am willing to have the conversation.  It must be that it is a normal type of conversation here.

You should compare the information requires with that already exposed in the FCC database, which will be publicly accessible. Your callsign, name, address (could be a PO Box - in the old days the physical location of your permanent station was required but now a mailing address is sufficient), FRN, license history and links to non-amateur licenses are all viewable. I don't use, but I wonder what beyond that they would ask for?


Thank you I was not awre that the FCC Data base was public.  I will look at that once I pass the test (Saturday).

Yep, FCC is public.  Here's the search
FCC database search

Good luck with the exams.  Remember it's multiple choice and the questions and all selections for answers are public.  It's really a memorization thing.  You will learn the theory, calculations, etc while you are actually operating.

I have a couple of ham buddies who have their address as a PO Box. That wasn’t always allowed, but it is now. That keeps prying eyes from locating you for nefarious purposes. Some have their vehicle license plates as their callsign. If they are out-of-state at a hamvention, I suppose people there can make phone calls to tell someone that John is 3-states away. Maybe I’m just too paranoid.


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