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Patriot Mobile


Has anyone had any experience with this cell phone carrier?
Been thinking about switching and these guys seem to have some pretty solid principles.
They have the same coverage as everyone else.

Mr. Bill:
They are reselling Sprint, so your coverage map will be whatever Sprint's map says.  They claim "Patriot Mobile donates a portion of their profits to organizations fighting for First and Second Amendment rights, Family Values, Small Government, and Pro-Life."  They don't specify what portion.  An article in PC Mag says it is 5%, another article in Wirefly says "up to 5 percent", but I haven't found confirmation.

Tip of the hat to ya Mr B.

Patriot Mobile:
Tackleberry, we'd love to have you join our Patriot Mobile Family!  Give our US-based team a call at 877-367-7524 or visit  We are happy to introduce you to several of our satisfied members that may not be on this forum.  Mr. Bill, thank you for providing information about our nationwide service that fights for 1A, 2A, Pro-Life, Religious Freedom and Smaller Government.  To date, more than $2 million dollars has been used to support Constitutional Rights - imagine how much more we can do with you on our side. 

I'd love to be a customer.
Unfortunately where I live and travel, your coverage is insufficient for my needs.


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