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Thoughts on Backup Power (Generator) - Can your Family Operate it Without You?

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That's what mine is fueled by.
It supplied by the 1,000 gal LP tank we have along with the furnace, stove, and hot water heater.
If power goes out, it senses the power loss and starts the generator if not back in a few seconds. It then runs a self diagnostic test and if no problems are detected, the Auto transfer switch closes in on the generator to power the house. When grid power comes back, it senses this, auto transfers back, runs a cool-down cycle, and shuts down back to standby.
It also does a weekly test run. It doesn't power the house, it just starts up and runs for about 20 minutes to circulate oil on the bearings and run a diagnostic check of the engine and generator.
This is a pretty standard way that "Stand-by" generators operate regardless of fuel type.


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