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I thought it might be nice if we had a place to compile & share our own favorite frequencies, times, clubs & the like.  Use this board to do that.

We can also use this board for hashing out our own frequencies to use.  It'd be nice to be able to travel & talk to other TSP hams en-route to wherever we're going.

I'll be moving threads to their appropriate boards over the next couple of days to make some of this stuff easier for us to find.  

Be patient please, I'm doing this with what little free time I have. ;)

If you have suggestions then feel free to drop them into this thread, or shoot me a PM.

Great sources guys. Thanks for the info; Eaglelover   :)

OK, I'll start. :)

These 2m frequencies are for the Augusta, GA/Aiken, SC area.

145.490- Augusta Radio Club (great coverage)
146.730- N. Augusta Radio Club (solar powered)
145.350-(156.7) Aiken
145.450-(123.0) Savannah River Site

I haven't used the 70cm channels around here to find out what works well.

FYI, MURS ch 1 gets interference (like someone has a radio keyed, but no sound) pretty much constantly in our area. I don't know why.

N. Augusta-Belvedere Radio Club website

The Amateur Radio Club of Augusta website

We'll if you are in southern New England mainly RI, southeastern MA, western CT
146.76 pl 67.0 GREAT COVERAGE AREA
146.70 pl 67.0
447.325 pl 100.0

AZCeltic formerly occeltic:
While in California: Favorite resource is the Western Intertie System;
While in Arizona: Check out the linked repeaters by visiting the websites of the Arizona Repeater Association, and the Eastern Arizona Amateur Radio Society.

Just having a bunch of fun as a new operator!


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