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Spreading The Survival Podcast Word or Guerilla Marketing

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I was thinking street teaming. Placing flyers everywhere, slapping stickers on road signs and buses, and holding public rallys. Ok it sounds fun, but I guess the stickers would be vandalism. And I frown  >:( on vandalism.

"If some of our teenager excitement finder really want to go out and get a excitement.  Let them go up into the northern western and let them tangle with a Grizzly endure  or Complete endure or brownish endure and get that impact that will detoxify the soul".  ~ Michael Bear

I copied the pic of the ant with the ear phones,put the web site across the botton then printed them on business cards. Nothing else,just let curiosity do the rest.I leave a few card where ever I go and pin them up on any boards that have such things.Ive replaced the one at the laundry mat at least 15 times,every week!

"Top" W. Kone:
I made up some "National Preparedness Month" Flyers and placed them out at different businesses and my wife gave some out to the local ministers group she is part of.  In the list of "resources" is the TSP and many of the sponsors.

I'm likely abusing my position as an EMS/Fire member and ties to the City Emergency Management Agency.  But then, i'm not getting any monetary reward for this.

I also found this is a great way to talk to neighbors and family about taking little steps to preparedness. "Hey, it is National Preparedness Month, have you done anything?  I was on today and found some simple things I had never thought of to be a little bit better prepared."  Or "cheep things" or "easy things".

How do I let people know about NRA's Life time membership for only 300 dollars Till Feb. 28th. phone number 888-678-7894. Am I allowed to say this on this web site?


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