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New home, new psycho neighbor... any advice?

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My, my... it does seem to me that this situation should have been disclosed to you by the seller. Perhaps you can find out a little about the history by talking to him/her? Does the guy have any acreage of his own?

It does seem like the machete was probably his way of "maintaining the trails", but most civilized people would want to talk to the new owner before assuming the status quo remains as the property changes hands. It would be good to know if you are dealing with a guy who is a little "cocoa puffs" before getting too far down the line.

As David mentions, documentation would be good... keeping your phone where you can film him during any contact would be a good thing... and the cameras also will be important. Since you were not informed of any existing agreements with the neighbor that conveyed with the property, it certainly seems that you are within your rights to keep him off your property. 20 acres is hard to police unless you are home all the time, though... I agree with the fence to start, notifying the sheriff's office if you have any more incidents with him. It may not hurt to go in on a fact-finding mission. Maybe they will let you know, as a matter of public record, if the guy has had any conflicts with other neighbors in the area.

  Have you taken time to talk to the neighbor and determine his motives as he can be a real asset as to keeping an eye on your land and even maintaining access trails as long as control and ownership is not being questioned.

I read again your first post and see that some attempt at communications has been done. Post the land for no tresspass and discover the local laws on such land and get to know the local lawmen and perhaps things will stabilize.

After speaking with some of the other neighbors, especially the one on the other side of Mr psycho, it appears that he is a special kind of nuts. From what I can gather, Mr Psycho doesn't believe property can be owned. It is just as much his as it is mine. He also believes that firearms only belong on the battlefield so when I or the other neighbor target shoot Mr. Psycho "comes a runnin with his machete" (neighbors quote) to yell and scream and call the cops that you were shooting at him. Apparently the other neighbor is the county sniper and has been shooting with other officers including the sheriff when the cops were called the last time. Mr. Psycho got really pissed when the cops showed up and didn't do anything. So barbed wire fence line and "no trespassing" signs are on my to do list now.


--- Quote from: Wraith on October 01, 2018, 12:41:23 PM ---Mr Psycho doesn't believe property can be owned. It is just as much his as it is mine.
--- End quote ---

I'd bet money he doesn't believe the other way around.

If you haven't already, take a close survey of your property and make sure he's not doing something illegal on it.

I'm not a fan of barbed wire, but understand the need.  I'd go with the no trespassing signs and trail cams.  I'd put a no trespassing sign on a post in the middle of the trail he uses regularly and hide a trail cam watching the sign.  I'd also make sure that there's plenty of cameras around the property.  It's only a matter of time before he does some damage.


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