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Mr. Blank:
This website is a FREE on line database for THOUSANDS of designs and patents (most available in PDF form) on objects that range from automotive to solar and geothermal items. It is an incredible amount of info for the the DIY inclined individual.

You can also access the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office database at  Additionally, google has a good interface that retrieves from the uspto database at

One way to more efficiently search the patent database is by limiting your search by classification and sub-class if possible.  In the pto database its just a component in the search string.  Once you find a patent that is directed to a technology that interests you, look at the 3 digit classification number that is listed on the face of the will be in a 123/456 format.  Your search can be narrowed in this manner.  Also, note that infringement is not an issue if a patent's term has expired.


Silver Wolf


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