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Decisions, Decisions
« on: September 29, 2008, 10:11:54 AM »
Pay off all the "internal debt" with available retirement fund $$ (cashable somewhere after 2030) or just pay off in payments?
House is fine, we bought it new in 2000 for $98,700, 15yr loan. Not concerned about paying it off any faster than I need to (interest/taxes) And, seriously, it's an honest house, stick built on 3ac.....we just got in to the market before it went nuts.  Perfect timing, although I think I paid too much for usual reaction.

House: Mine: $80K left on a 8yr old house :)
Vehicles: Hers: $18K >:( ; Mine: $182.35 :) We'll call it $20K
Debt: Hers: $18K in Credit Cards; Mine: $1324  We'll call it $20K

I won't get into bills, (electric/water/sewer) since they'll always be there.

But, the question, cash out what is available from the retirement account and pay off the "crap", or pay it (the crap debt) off over time?
(FEDGOV can take loans on retirement, and pay back without penalty unless you leave gov't service)

Markets suck, interest rates suck....unless you're collecting that interest (credit card companies) so.....

What say ye!?

(I know the answer, but reinforcement of my thinking)

(and don't tell me to make the princess get a second job......yeah, that'll happen ::))