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Save $ Cutting the Cable Cord

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I found that the 'channel flipping' was a bit sluggish on the P2. But once on the channel it seem to be able to work well.  The newer P3b+ was a nice jump in speed and the P4B  kicks the old P2 to the curb.

I have not done the Plex thing yet.  Tho I had no issues with playing back local files on the Pi.

You do get a lot of computer in the Raspberry Pi line. 

All we have is Dish that also comes with internet.
Total bill per month is $127 and change.

We finally got fiber to the home on our road rural street.  It’s great!  We’ve got several services: Netflix, Amazon, CBS All Access (the wife and I grew up on Star Trek), and  We also have an outdoor antenna for the network tv and the miscellaneous channels they all have these days.

Missouri seems to have shut down on installing the rural internet cable, the big orange cable.
It's ran down the nearest state hwy, but that's where they quite.  :( Still nine mile away from us. If they ever get it here, depending on price, I'd rather have a cable hookup than satellite.

I'm in the same boat.  Periodically I'll see them working on extending the fiber up the road.  But they don't make very quick progress.  They stopped about 3 miles down the road, and that was last Summer.  Not sure if they plan on continuing, but I'm in an area that the big cable providers don't support.  Sure would be nice to have fiber to the house.


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