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I have a wife, that is wonderful.  unfortunately she hates firearms, but out of sight out of mind.  I have a Ruger 22 and a Shotgun.  I wanted to purchase something similar to an AR-15, but my wife put her foot down.  She said NO black rifles.  She is also VERY anti-handgun.

I have to respect her wishes, but I would still like a firearm with the same capabilities. 

Are there any WOODEN stock, sportsman looking rifles out there?  I was thinking about a Mini 14, but have heard mixed reviews. 

Any and ALL comments are welcome and appreciated, but please don't disrespect my wife's opinion.  She is an important part of my survival plan, and like any survival situation, we have to adapt and use what we have available at times, to live a better life!


T Kehl:
How about a M1 Garand.  Fires .30-06, semi-auto, a great piece of history, and can be had for a "Fist full of Dollars" through the CMP (Civilian Marskmanship Program).  All are US military surplus, battle tested, and WOOD STOCKED.  Starts in the $500 range.  This is a good deal if you jump through their hoops and they will ship to your door.

You could even get a ex-sniper or national match, but "For a few Dollars More."

Don't know what's happening with the Eastwood quotes.  Guess I'm in a mood.   :P :D

I respect your wife's opinion, though I disagree with it. I just hate to see someone sign up for a foot race, and have to wear wooden shoes.

While not a semi-auto, perhaps a lever action might be just the trick. Old west looks but still suited for serious work. Can be obtained in large calibers suitable for deer and smaller pistol calibers suitable for varmints of the two and four legged variety. Large capacity and low recoiling (in the pistol calibers). Who knows, the wife might even enjoy it. There's just something really cool about shooting the "Old West" guns, be they Schofield or Single Action Armiy revolvers, lever actions, or falling blocks. Almost makes you feel like John Wayne.  Another side benefit, you can have a pistol and rifle that share the same amunition and there are no magazines to buy.

About the only real downside to my mind is that, once you burn through the ammo in the magazine, reloading is much slower.

Why such objections to firearms that are reliable?  If you want to purchase a firearm, getting something that is reliable is an absolute must.  She doesn't like handguns, so Glocks are out.  She doesn't like AR's, so I assume she would have kittens over an AK platform?  If this is for defensive purposes, I wouldn't recommend much else aside from a shotgun (Mossberg 500/590, Remington 870, Mossberg Maverick).  If this is for general purpose/hunting, you may be stuck with a lever action (Marlin 336, etc), though those aren't ideal for every situation.  The LeveRevolution ammo from Hornady has improved lever-action rounds like the 30-30 considerably, but you really must know how to take a deer at 150 yds (this is based on what I have read, not personal experience...I invite anyone with more than book knowledge to please provide their experience).


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