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One shot gun that does it all?

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Looking to purchase that one well rounded shot gun.  Would like it to be available for home protection but also ready to bring in some meat.  The bank is a bit tight right now but need to know best brand, model and barrel length and any extras.

My choice for all around is the Mossberg 500 12 ga  It a great shotgun military and police use it as a standard issue. With synthetic stock it holds up to all kinds of abuse. I have hunted upland game with mine with lots of success.

The Mossberg 500 and Remington 870 are good all around shutguns. If you know people with different models and brands, see if you can try a few and see which feels best for you. There are few time tested workhorses out there. So a lot of the decision should be base on which of the best models works best with your body. There can be slight diferences in how they feel for different people.


I would lean toward an 870.  They can usuall be picked up for a song and a dance and are a good all around piece

Agreed, Mossy 500 or rem 870 both great choices.


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