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First Rifle

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Thanks guys. I just ordered this rifle, and am going to try to get the aperture sights installed if it's not too pricey to do so.

Andy in NH:
Savage offers an aperture sight on their Cub Rifle, but not the MK II.   ???

The Cub:

I called Savage and ordered the sight for the Cub and had a gunsmith* install the sight on my rifle as a back up for the scope.  The adjustments are crude and imprecise, but they have a great sight picture.

There may be a more appropriate sight out there that offer better click adjustable sights.

A gunsmith, IMO is different than the guy at the local gun shop who just exchanges parts, mounts scopes, and installs recoil pads.  A true gunsmith (again IMO) actually machines firearms and / or can build their own parts and tools.  They are usually a combination artist and true craftsman.  Many gun shops sent their more complex work out to these craftsmen.  Find out who the local gun shop sends their work out to - they are the person you want to deal directly with.

+1 good choice no doubt, I agree get a few spare mag's and practice, practice and.. oh practice.. :-)


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