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New to Firearms...Looking for Suggestions for my 1st Handgun!

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Try out as many pistols as you can lay your hands on.  Find the one that feels the most natural and points the best.  Close your eyes and bring the gun up to firing position...which one has the sights lined up the best for you.   The specific weapon and caliber is secondary to what feels the best.

Now having said that my personal preference is a 1911 in .45.

IMHO a Glock 19 is the perfect first gun (it was mine).  It's prefect size for concealed carry and with 15 round mags you have plenty of firepower.  Best part about them is there are a ton of aftermarket toys for the Glock and you can get Korean magazines for dirt cheap (save those for range, use Factory for carry).   Good luck and Happy Shooting.

For starting out with no preconceived attractions, the Glock 19 would be a dandy option.
Good luck.

Just a thought to keep in mind resale value of whatever you buy. Even though you plan on keeping it, you might end up selling it or trading up. Some guns lose their value faster than others, it will never be worth nothing but just a thought. When I got one of my first handguns I picked up one that was an odd caliber. I paid around $700 for everything once I was done with mags and holsters. I practically had to give it away at $300 when I sold it. I also picked up a brand new in box Colt 1911 plane jane model for $500 and now its worth about $800... Sigs and glocks do hold their values... just get standard calibers... 9,40,45

If you don't like the way the Glock feels in your hands, try a Springfield Armory XD or XDM.  I carry an XD 4" in .45ACP.  I also picked the XD over the Glock because the XD has a grip safety so the gun wont go off if the trigger gets caught on something.  The grip must be...gripped.


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