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New to Firearms...Looking for Suggestions for my 1st Handgun!

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Hey everyone

Question for any and all willing to answer

(Before proceeding I should state that I am some of the terms used may be different than those used in the USA or other countries)

I am new to firearms.  I did not grow up around guns (some family members did hunt, but it was before my time) so I am new to all aspects related to firearms.  I recently got my non-restricted licence (basically allows me to purchase long barrelled guns/rifles typically used for hunting and/or range shooting).  I will be getting my restricted license in the next month (which allows me to purchase handguns).

I should mention that I posted a similar topic in the “Modern Rifles, Shotguns, and Carbines” forum (requesting suggestions related to purchasing my 1st long barrelled gun/rifle/shotgun).  So in addition to researching my 1st long barrelled gun/rifle/shotgun, i am also doing research prior to purchasing my 1st handgun. 

Unlike the topic i started in the “Modern Rifles, Shotguns, and Carbines” forum (stating that i am interested in purchasing an entry level firearm) for my 1st handgun i am looking at acquiring a more intermediate level firearm.  Seeing as i am new to firearms/shooting, I plan to shoot at the range as much as possible in order to “get my chops up”.  With that in mind I wanted to purchase a firearm that is a intermediate level firearm (not entry level, but not top of the line) that will be relatively cheap to shoot (read as: I can shoot a couple times a week without breaking the bank!).

So my question to you is...

Does anyone have any suggestions regarding a good intermediate level handgun?  My budget for this firearm is approximately $1500.

I went down to the local outdoor sports/hunting store, and gave the salesmen a story similar to that posted above, and he recommended the following firearms:

The salesman stated that i could not go wrong with the GLOCK.  He said it is a great + reliable gun at a great price

The salesman stated that this was a great entry level/intermediate gun that would be a great buy for my 1st handgun.


The salesmen stated that if i wanted to spend a little more money and get a more intermediate/advanced level firearm, either of these guns would be it.  He highly recommended both of these firearms.

Any comments on the above firearms?   

Thanks in advance for the help/advise!

First and foremost, do NOT consider anything that does not feel right in your hand. I have shot Glocks, but they just do not sit right in my hands. My hands are also on the small side, so that is an issue. I love 1911s and Sigs, they fit well and aimpoint is very natural

Then go shoot a bunch of different handguns, see if there is a store that will rent you one, or use friends or a trainer. Do NOT take the sales guy's word for anything.

Then of course there is the whole revolver vs. auto-loader discussion.

Caliber is important, and that is determined - as are all of the other factors - based on what you're going to use it for. Plinking vs carry (can you carry in Canada?) vs. IPSC/IDPDA vs. hunting vs. something else.

As I mentioned in the rifle thread, look for help from a well-informed and trusted friend in everything.

Hare of Caerbannog:
I'm not sure how things are up there in Canada and I would sure agree that Glock makes a fine handgun.
That said, here in the US there are lots of classes you can take where they have different handguns available to use as part of the course.
I think if I were new to the whole process I would want to get the feel of a few pistols before I committed to one. By taking a few classes where several handguns are available you can find something you can comfortably invest the right amount of money for a handgun that fits you and your need.

I wish you well.

First off, good on you.  Glad to hear you are taking these steps.  And welcome to the world of firearms.

Next, the Glock 17 is the benchmark for handgun reliability.  It is accurate, reliable, and caveman simple.  I'd take it over a Ruger SR9 any and every day of the week.

That said, the SIG P220 is a hell of a handgun.  SIG handguns are known to have "to hell and back reliability" as a brand trait.  This is no accident.  They are some of the best handguns available.  And it is also in my pet caliber, .45ACP.  While it is a handgun, and a good 9mm will work almost as well, I do like the increased thump and larger hole of the .45.  9mms have better recoil and higher capacity though, so it's a trade off you have to decide on yourself.

Now, if you have the money to blow, a SIG is an excellent choice.  I'd prefer a P220 to all other handguns you listed.  But you need to figure magazines, holsters, and ammo into the cost.  The Glock will allow you to pick up more of that off the bat and still be a quality piece, with high availability of parts in most foreseeable situations.

     Buy this cheap well made used hand gun for 220 bucks ,shoot it with the hottest ammo for it, which is 20% hotter than standard Russian ammo .Then after getting use to an quality automatic high capacity round hand gun go buy yourself something better and throw this one in the boat or camper or just give it the significant other!  ;) See web links below The ammo is available from most gun shops from surplus to high quality hot rounds.Also it's a collectors military/police weapon with the civilian model still in production! ;D





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