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New to Firearms...Looking for Suggestions on my 1st Firearm

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Hey everyone

Question for any and all willing to answer

(Before proceeding I should state that I am some of the terms used may be different than those used in the USA or other countries)

I am new to firearms.  I did not grow up around guns (some family members did hunt, but it was before my time) so I am new to all aspects related to firearms.  I recently got my non-restricted licence (basically allows me to purchase long barrelled guns/rifles typically used for hunting and/or range shooting).  I am now doing research prior to purchasing my 1st firearm.

I am interested in purchasing an entry level firearm that I can use to shoot at the range and gain some experience shooting.  Seeing as i am new, I plan to shoot at the range as much as possible in order to “get my chops up”.  With that in mind I wanted to purchase a firearm that is a decent entry level model and will be cheap to shoot (read as: I can shoot a couple times a week without breaking the bank!).
So my question to you is...

Does anyone have any suggestions regarding a good entry level firearm (long barrelled gun/rifle/shotgun) that is under $600 and is relatively cheap to shoot?

I went down to the local outdoor sports/hunting store, and gave the salesmen a story similar to that posted above, and he recommended the following firearm:

The salesmen recommend putting a decent sight (for $50-$60) on the firearm and said that I would be “ready to go”.

Any comments on the above firearm?   

Thanks in advance for the help/advise!

You cannot go wrong with a Ruger 10/22. I cannot believe that the Canadian version of Wholesale Sports is selling them for $330!!! That is way higher than the states. BUT - it is a great starter rifle. The all-weather vs. wood is up to you.

In the US, we can buy from pawn shops. If you can in Canada too, take a friend who knows guns well. IN fact, take a friend along anyhow, help to take some of the gloss off the salesman's pitch.

Also, have you (can you?) look into a private sale.

Also look to a Marlin .30-30 (lever action) great hunting/plinking rifle. Next step up would be a Remington 700 or comparable Savage (bolt actions) - great triggers on Savages.

Good luck, and don't forget accessories, like cleaning kits and extra magazines. And a sling - not a carry strap, a real, honest to goodness sling. Then start an Appleseed in your neighborhood - don't think there have been any in Canada.

Great choice!  I have one and thoroughly enjoy it!  Buy a bunch of extra mags and a mag loader, load before you head out for the range if you can, it will save time at the range.  I recommend Butler Creek Hot Lips/Steel Lips if you can get the extended capacity mags.  As far as sights go, I found the iron sights that came with mine were fine for anything out to 25 meters.  I got a red dot for about $50 and can keep shots in a 6 inch ring all day long with good ammo.  The really neat thing is all of the aftermarket stuff you can get for them and install yourself.  You can replace virtually every part with an "improved" aftermarket one.
As far as a second rifle, I had a Savage 110 in .270 that was a very good rifle for the money, I also hear the .30-06 in the same model is great too.

As a rifle to learn on, it's hard to top the Ruger 10/22.  I remember many fond afternoons busting soda cans in the back yard with my father as a young boy, and the 10/22 was our toy of choice.
While many people recomend a semi-auto .22 I never really got into them. My preference would be a Winchester Wildcat .22. Bolt action, iron sights or glass, dead on accurate and about $250.  Comes with four...yes...four magazines.

Remember at this time, as you are new you firearms, the most important thing should be firearm safety.  Take classes...practice...think safety.


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