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My first "how to shoot" lesson!!!!!

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Had my first lesson on Saturday. Shot a .22 caliber revolver, was told we will work up to guns with more umph, but that is where to start. It was comfortable to hold, was very easy to shoot. My mentor said I did very well. He told me several times, "Nice shot." I think he was surprised that I did well!

My dad was a cop, but I never had an interest in guns or shooting. I was always a little afraid of guns.

After reading posts from some of you folks, I think my mentor was of the mind set that he was unsure of how I would behave with a gun in my hands. I didn't touch the gun until he explained how to hold it, showed me how he was loading it and then only after he showed me how he wanted me to carry it to where he wanted me to stand. He seemed surprised that I asked questions about caliber, revolvers, semi automatic, automatic, what sort of gun would be best for me for having in my home for protection, etc.

He explained about the responsibiilty of having a gun and pointing and/or shooting it at someone, being aware of what is around you and around the bad guy if that is the case. That is one of the issues I was concerned about. If someone is in my house, will I have the wherewithall to be calm and take stock of the whole situation. It was easy to shoot at the target on the board because I knew it was me and my mentor and there was no danger. Although after talking about the responsibility of having a gun, I believe if I was in a situation that I needed to defend my self or my family, I would not hesitate to shoot someone. I find that a bit eerie, stange; I am not sure of the word I am looking for.  :-\ I am in my mid 50's and have never ever considered the thought of shooting anything, much less a person.

I have been divorced for many years and have not nor do I now feel scared or concered about being alone. However, ever since the home invasion in a small town just a few miles from me, I have been concerned about what would I have done if that was my house? Both of the home invaders were shot and killed by the homeowner. If that had been my house, they would have beaten me, or worse and I would have had to use whatever I could have gotten my hands on, if anything, to defend myself.

I have spent a great deal of time analyzing/thinking about my change in attitude regarding guns, shooting, protecting myself or my family and have discovered although the answer seems easy, "yes, I would shoot to protect myself and my family," it still seems to be a foreign thought in my head. Does that mean I pulled my head out of the sand and have realized that I must be proactive just in case? I think so.

My mentor told me he couldn't stress enough the responsibility aspect. If you pull the trigger, you are respsonsible for whatever happens, it falls on you; good or bad and you have to live with it. Obvioulsy, I "knew" that, but hearing it out loud and taking it to heart was sobering.

I would guess that my feelings are probably not out of line for a person just learning to shoot a gun. It was both an adreneline rush and frightening at the same time. All in all I know I will be a responsible gun owner.

That said, my first lesson went very well and my hope is that I continue to get nice comments from my mentor!! :)

CR Williams:
Welcome to the world of defensive shooters.

Congratulations on taking your first step toward becoming an anti-victim.

Congratulations! Take several more classes so you get more comfortable and know all the safety aspects and then go have some fun!!

probably the most important thing is you are taking classes.
Lots of people just go and try to figure it out, that can end badly.

Congrats on getting some training. Remember, shooting is fun!


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