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Utility Knives, Box Cutters, Razor Blades: What do you like to use?

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Black November:
I use a Benchmade Mini Griptilian and a Spyderco Double Stuff sharpener

Originally I hated dulling my knife while opening boxes, envelopes, ect. However, I realized that is why I carry a knife.

I made and effort to learn how to effectively sharpen my knife, and now I just sharpen it as needed. 

David in MN:
I had a 99E fail. I've never seen this before and who knows that knife might be 20 years old from my concrete days so it might be a little more on the abused side but the spring tension kind of "gave out". I was cutting drywall for a  bathroom repair from some water damage and during the cut the blade slid back into the handle. After trying it a few times I found the spring wasn't holding and the thumblock was slipping past its holding detents. Not broken, just not holding.

Never seen one of these out and fail before. I tossed it and grabbed another. Having a pile has benefits.

I remember one failing in that same manner when I was a kid.  That was decades ago and it might have been a clone.

Coincidentally I just picked up a new implement for cutting, a painter's tool. It fits in my carpenter's jean pocket perfectly and I don't have to keep it in a sheath or unfold it. And if I lose it, not a big deal. Recently I've used it for opening packages, skinning ginger, splitting audio wires, scraping labels off.

I carry a ScrewPop on my keychain.

I have a bunch of generic box cutters all over the place.  I also have a couple of the folding box cutters.

But my favorite for any real work is "Internet's Best Premium Utility Knife"  That's the name on Amazon.  Quick blade change, comfortable handle and 2 for $13 is pretty decent price. 


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