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The secret to keeping ice in a cooler is to keep people out of it and to pre chill what you are putting in it.

I used to head out onto the Utah desert every summer for a 5 or 6 day get together and I usually only took a Gott 60 qt cooler like this and I always had ice by the end of the week. Others that had kids getting in and out of coolers would have to make a ice run about every 2 days.

A couple of years before the get together ended I picked up a used concrete blanket and took it with me to wrap a couple of coolers up in. Inside those coolers I placed as much block ice as I could fit. Then when my friend decided that it was time to make a ice run I just opened up the blanket and a cooler and gave him a block of ice. Between the blanket and a good but not expensive cooler I could keep ice for a week with very little loss.


--- Quote from: Bosham on November 05, 2018, 03:02:41 AM ---The secret to keeping ice in a cooler is to keep people out of it and to pre chill what you are putting in it.

--- End quote ---
That's 2 parts of the secret to keeping ice in the cooler.

Just as important is keeping it in the shade as much as possible.  Put that pre-chilled cooler that's kept closed most of the time will lose ice quickly if it's sitting in the sun. 

I saw Yeti; and while these are not cheap - they are cheap compared to that brand.

I have bought their water bottles and I think they are some of the best price to value you can find.

I have heard from a few people that their coolers are good....they are still a bit expensive, but not that far out compared to the better Coleman style ones.

Smurf Hunter:
We get a dozen of the styrofoam medical chests every year, as my son's insulin gets shipped in them.  Capacity is small, but I can't use them all.
I store primers and smokeless powder in them just because they stabilize the temperature a bit more.  I live in a temperate climate, but figure it won't hurt.

I use Yeti coolers. I have been using them for years now.


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