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Review: Task Force 5-ton electric log splitter


This is a review of the Task Force 5-ton electric log splitter.

I purchased this from Lowes new in box. It's maybe 75 lbs or so and very solid.

It's as easy to use as:
1. open box
2. put wheels on
3. open breather screw
4. plug in
5. go

The item number is 241483 and it sells for $299


Light (relatively). Electric. I could have gone with a gas operated unit but that is much bigger and quite a bit more expensive. Splits most everything with ease.

I usually get all my wood free from lurking on craigslist. Most logs are larger than the 20 reach of this splitter. I had to build a log cutting jig to make it easier to make appropriate sized pieces. I may have to build a stand for the splitter because after a rack of firewood its quite tiring bending down for every log.

Final Thoughts:
I love LOVE this little splitter. It definitely fit my price point and it saved my back. It works and that's the best test of a tool. There has only been one log it did not split and that's because of a rather large knot and there is no doubt my maul wouldn't have done any better. A similar unit can be found at Home Depot that has great reviews that you can use for comparison.

Any question or comments, feel free to message me or post. Enjoy. :)


Oh nice review! Thanks Tash! I've been splitting the wood I picked up off of CL by hand with axe/maul/wedges and that is quite tiring. Guess that means I need to do it more.


I've been thinking of building a log splitter with a 5 ton bottle jack, a steel wedge and some angled steel.  I've had this idea floating around in my head for a while but that little devil looks even handier & not all that pricey.

Archer - I hear ya. I have been splitting wood for year and no matter how much I split, it still hurts. lol

This little thing can split more, faster. I guess it's more better.  ;D

Delta - It is definitely a great add on to my tool collection. It can store upright and it's easy to move around on wheels. Can't get much easier than that.

I had the same idea of making my own splitter with a bottle jack. I am a very hands on kinda guy, I like building things myself but this one I left to Task Force. The main reason I chose to go this route was that using a manual bottle jack limits you on travel distance. It can extend maybe 5 to 7 inches?? That means that you wood MUST be cut to fit it properly. What if you wood is 10 inches long? Yes, you could build the bottle jack on a slide that can move back and forth but wow, that's even more work. Maybe I'll build one like that in my spare time because 1. a bottle jack does not use power or rely on gas 2. you can take it anywhere, like the back woods, and it will work. But given that I do have power that was definitely the way to go. :)

Glad you guys found this useful.



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