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Strawberry Pot

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Hi Folks

This is my first attempt to ?make the strawberry pot on the MSB video logs or grow anything period.  If anyone notices anything I could be doing different please let me know.

I'm not sure when and how often to water.  I live in southern Wisconsin. 

Thx Folks


It depends on how much rainfall you get.  Our area has been hammered with rain lately; I'm half way tempted to build an ark. Periodically check the soil and make sure it's somewhat moist.  Strawberries need about an inch of water per week during growing season and about 6 hours of sunlight per day.  Good job.

[img width= height=][/img]

Thanks for the Info,

This is a picture of my progress so far, It's a small glimmer of hope but it got me excited to keep planting and keep trying.

I got 2 dozen strawberry plants 2 weeks ago and planted them in two 5 gallon buckets.  I drilled 8 3/4 inch holes around the sides of each one and also used the drainage holes that were already there.  The holes were kind of small, but they worked.  Only thing is you can't get the roots through that small of a hole, so I had to squish the leaves through, but it worked.  Anyway, they are doing great!  I'm getting a lot of new growth already and I'm even getting about 4-5 berries on one of the plants.

Torpedo, looks like more than just a glimmer of hope - looks like future strawberry shortcake to me!  Grasshopper2Ant, I am getting some berries too and already consumed one with much pleasure. :)


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