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Discussion, suggestions, follow up on Russian Martial Arts 1&2

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I just posted two videos on Russian Martial Arts in the MSB.  If you have any questions, comments or suggestions post them here.  One thing I want to know about these videos is I posted them in 640x480 size and that made them huge, I am thinking about reducing them to 320 again because I think the download may kill many of the members.

Also do you have specific questions, Tyler is coming back soon to do more so let us know what else you want to see and learn,

Tyler seems to be a formidable opponent ;)  For the sake of the demonstration, he seems like a good candidate.  I can't imagine seeing much less fighting someone bigger than him.

Are there methods of practicing we can do without a partner? 

Sure I will try to get them into the next videos.  The biggest thing is learning to control and at the same time release your arm weight.  The hammer and slapping exercises I did with Tyler are a good start and you can do them with out a partner as well. 

I loved the video and the size of it  ;D despite the time it takes to download it.
Downloading the second one now, it looks real easy to practice with buddy.

Keep up the good work Jack.


For those interested, many Systema vids can be downloaded from many of the mma bittorrent sites. It will require a membership and sharing to maintain a good ratio... and you may need an invite, but they are there. The two I go to often is and , and I know both of these have them available.

Awesome system, when seen in action, it is quite impressive.

As for the size of the vids. I would say that for just info, a smaller size will do, but for intricate things, a larger vid would be needed. In a perfect world, it would be nice to have 2 sizes to grab, one for pc viewing and one for burning to a dvd to watch on the tube.

...and on that subject... personally I wish you'd post wmv and avi's instead of the mp4's. I figure that those with ipods also have the software to convert the files to ipod format, whereas avi's can be burned directly to dvd and watched on a divx compatible dvd player.

just a thought


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