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Louisville under state of emergency - BLM/antifa attacks expected

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Stay out of downtown Louisville this week.  If you are there, now is the time to finalize plans including leaving while still able.
Louisville Mayor Declares State Of Emergency Ahead of Breonna Taylor Announcement

Greg Fischer, the mayor of Louisville, Ky., said Tuesday he has declared a state of emergency for the city "due to the potential for civil unrest."
The executive order allows the mayor to "exercise any of his emergency powers," which include the ability to hire or contract services and enact curfews and other restrictions, according to a statement the mayor tweeted Tuesday.

Another executive order restricts access to five parking garages in the city's downtown area and bans street parking in some areas.
The mayor's announcement comes on the heels of the Louisville Metro Police Department saying that "a decision was made to accelerate plans" to restrict access to several parts of downtown.
A federal judge ordered the Gene Snyder U.S. Courthouse and Custom House would be closed this week, also in anticipation of Cameron's decision, according to Louisville's Courier-Journal.

Preparing for the siege.  Plywood is very hard to come by in the the region.  A good prep is to have a couple sheets of plywood stored for emergencies, whether that be riots or storms.
Downtown Louisville businesses board up after LMPD restrictions
While some store owners have remained open, most businesses are covered with plywood and closed.

More red pilling to follow.

Things were already getting bad in Kentucky.  BLM there has been pushing for more money.  That is what this has devolved into.
‘Where’s our money!’ BLM protesters chant outside Mitch McConnell’s home after Dems block relief bill

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell became the target of Black Lives Matter activists who congregated outside his home to protest a failed coronavirus relief bill.

“I can’t breathe!” one activist yelled. ” I can’t breathe! Black Lives Matter! Black Lives Matter!”

“I need that money, and until I get that money, I’m going to be right here on C Street every day until I get it,” the man shouted.

“No justice! No peace!” the small crowd yelled as well as “where’s our money.”

With any luck, other states will follow Florida's lead and invoke the RICO act, get to the source of the funding and most of these terrorists mobs will dissipate. 


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