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Hello everyone,

at first I'd like to say Hi to the community and thanks for joining. I want to create a food storage at home for bad days. But i don't know which food is long-lasting and full of all essentials nutrients. Do you have any recommendations for me?

Best regards

Mr. Bill:
Hello, BearGrillz12.

We have about 12,847,920 posts on this issue (approximately). 8)  I suggest reading what members have written in these forum sections:
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Start digging through the threads above. Jack Sprico has a lot to say in his podcasts about

I would start by figuring out what you eat most frequently and what your favorite recipes to cook are.  If you don't cook start looking at learning to cook your favorite meals.  Stocking ingredients you will actually use is the best idea to not waste money and space.   

Once you have an idea of what you eat then you can easily start to figure out how much you would need to stock a pantry for a certain amount of time.  Once you get a handle on what and how much you eat you can start to fill a pantry with those items.   Also look at other regular consumables that your household uses and start stocking up on those items too.

I had to totally change the way I eat for medical reasons and it really forced me to seriously learn to cook.  Now I keep my pantry and freezer  stocked with ingredients that I can safely eat.  I am constantly finding new recipes that use what I have on hand to broaden my food options.  It has improved mine and my husband's health and saved us money.  It also keeps me from having to run to the store all the time.


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