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Help, can't understand my new oven!

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Hi, look, there are two hotplates (hobs) on top of it, the 2nd dial down on the control panel controls the lefthand hob, and the 3rd dial controls the righthand hob.
I've twiddled dials 2 and 3 and the hobs get hot just fine.
So what on earth is the 1st dial (at the top) for? It's marked 'Hotplate' but what does it actually DO?
(The manual is not much help)

Mr. Bill:
Okay, that's the worst user interface I've seen in at least 2 days. 8)

You want my guess?  The little labels "HOT PLATE" and "OVEN" are for the red lights, not for the knobs.

And then, the top knob is oven temperature, knobs #2 and #3 are left and right hot plate temperature, and the bottom knob is... um... the FUNCTION knob, I think.  And all you have to do is figure out which functions those 6 little icons refer to.

these ovens are very common over here in Europe and we have one like it.
What MrBill said.

As for the rest?  I cannot tell all the markings from your pic, but since it has a rotisserie, I would say that horizontal lines signify heating element on top or bellow and the mark in the center rotisserie use.
Quite positively the marking on the bottom is for up and bottom oven heating only.

Never in my life have I seen something to confuse me so much. I have no idea what it's supposed to mean, so intricate, but why?

Hmm, this is the closest appearing thing I could find.

Could it be that the top knob is a temperature control, the second and third the hob selector and the forth a function selector?


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