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air rifle for a bow

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I saw this online it looks like a really great tool for survival and hunting small game. instead of going in the field with a whole bunch of arrows that might end up lost, how about a pocket full of pellets?!

what are your opinions on this? Does it look effective?  It seems like a great way to hone your bow skills in the off season and you never have to pull the arrows out of the target.

I think it looks like a lot of fun.  I watched the video on the site & the guy said it would fit on any kind of bow recurve/longbow/compound, wish they showed the attachments for recurve & longbow.

Looks like a great way to chase squirrels & not lose arrows.

yeah! and their 22 pellets so they have a little bit more power I guess for hunting, compared to a 177 pellet

Neat idea..... And you do not loose arrows.. Nice

the problem is its 200 dollars   >:( but, if you happen to have a bow, hey! its like shooting an air gun and bow at the same time!


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