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--- Quote from: chefkeithsnow on February 07, 2017, 06:31:46 PM ---
...Dried milk can be used in many ways...making yogurt,


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I hope this shows up in the course!  I would love to know how to make yogurt out of dry milk!

Just trying the Mexican Rice!  Great so far, spice pack didn't have the chicken seasoning, but looks easy enough to substitute. 



--- Quote from: chefkeithsnow on January 26, 2017, 02:51:43 PM ---Update to my update:

Beef Stroganoff

My daughter has always loved this dish....but of course this time I used freeze dried beef....if I can borrow some vernacular from the millenial generation to help describe the flavor....."It was dope"  "It was legit" " The Bomb"  "straight cash"

Only fresh item was 1 cup of onion, which can easily have been freeze dried too....tender beefy tasting beef cubes, luscious sauteed mushrooms, a sauce comprised of freeze dried sour cream, beef broth, wooster sauce and a barely noticable scant pinch of pie spice and of course 2 tbs of sherry wine.....ladeled over al dente egg noodles. Olivia was like a rabid animal eating the bowl that was used for filming....

Seriously....this is a dish that is totally comforting, super tasty and very food storage friendly...a home run IMO  :D


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Just made the Beef Stroganoff recipe in a similar fashion, but used a frozen bottom round that needed to be used up.  The simmering was extended by about an hour, as my cast iron fits very tightly and evaporation was minimal.  In the end I did not need to add corn starch as a thickener and the beef literally fell apart on the fork.

Kudos for this recipe Keith!

what happened to food storage feast ?  I can't find it anymore, can't find where to log into the course anymore ?  where is the link ?


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