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Food Storage Feast students: Introduce yourselves here

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Noah Darco:
Hello Food Storage Feast students!

Please drop us a note here when you join the course.

If you like, tell us a little about yourself and what you personally hope to achieve with Food Storage Feast.

We're glad you're here!

-Noah Darco & Chef Keith Snow

My wife said yes and we enrolled this evening!  Looking forward to watching the videos and downloading the recipes.
We are in SW Michigan on 27 acres.  Both of us work in town and homestead.  We have a large garden, fruit trees (pear, apple, peach, apricot, plum, and persimmons all fruiting), bee hives, keep a few feeder steers, and do meat birds, feeder hogs, and ducks each year.  Our preps are based around those things (two large freezers stay pretty full and we can and dehydrate a lot).  We are looking forward to using our home raised staples along with stuff Keith talks about on his show like beans, potato flakes, rice, etc.

Noah Darco:
Hi Charles! Thanks for checking in, and helping inaugurate the introductions thread. And, welcome!

Chef Keith and I envisioned a lot of home-grown and home-preserved foods going in to the Food Storage Feast recipes, thinking of homesteaders like you. We've aimed to make the recipes as flexible as possible, so they can be made with more fresh ingredients when those are available, but still serve a whole and delicious meal when the grid is down and you're reaping the rewards of a well-rounded storage pantry.

One of the next written articles going into the course will be about developing cooking as a skill for maximum flexibility in a pinch, and will also deal specifically with rules of thumb for ingredient substitutions - freeze-dried vs. fresh, herbs that work well in the place of others, etc.

Hey Charles,

Very impressed with your hoemsteading efforts...fruit trees are something we always really wanted...but honestly..back east and down's hard with pests...need allot of spraying...

I hope you get value from our course..don't hesitate to come here and ask for a recipe or ideas etc.. I'm not opposed to taking ideas for and developing recipes and videos for those recipes.....

Be well..and stay tuned!


Howdy, I live in Tennessee on 5 acres and restoring a hundred year old school house as our home. I have bees and I usually have a garden each year.
 I planted about a hundred twenty fruit and nut trees this past fall however we have a severe drought so we'll see how many make it. 

I like dry canning (vaccucanning) and have some longer-term food storage. I want to be more knowledgeable about cooking on the Fly, that's what you have on hand and making it taste and enjoyable.
Lifetime member of MSB and been to at least 6 workshops at Jack's homestead.  Love to learn new skills!


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