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Mr. Bill:
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Mr. Bill:

--- Quote from: Polar Bear on June 04, 2017, 01:10:40 PM ---I wonder how many of the instigators are from "out of town".

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--- Quote ---...Far-right activists are coming from all over the country to show their support for what they describe as “free speech”...
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Polar Bear:
This might be the only time you read this from me, but I truly believe that given the risks for violence here, both sides should legally have smoke a doobie or two before protesting.

To hell with both factions...

Bad people doing bad things is pretty freaking normal in society, albeit unfortunate.  In this case a degenerate mouth breather started verbally abusing and threatening two young women in public.  A liberal, a conservative and a student of some stripe intervened and it turned into a fight that unfortunately resulted in the death of two of them.  But the point is that two sides of the debate came together to defend innocent citizens and unfortunately, gave the last full measure of devotion to a better society.  I take heart from that.  Underneath the sturm und drang, the society that we thought was pretty decent all things considered is still there. 

That extremists of multiple stripes are coming in ready to do violence for their particular pet issues is freaking disgusting.

The Portland protest yesterday? Out of thousands of protestors, local news said it was mostly peaceful, and that 14 people were arrested. No major injuries.

It was not a protest for the two men killed on the commuter train (which I am guessing was MAX), but a pro-trump and a free speech protest.other groups also showed up.Pro-Trump and anti-Trump demonstrators separated by caution tape.



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